Our Office Refurb

Sometimes you need to think about who you are and where you are going. Sometimes we need transform ourselves and sometimes our environment

Given the nature of our job, recruiters can’t afford to be day-dreamy introspective types, but as a people-oriented business it is important to know what we stand for.

One thing that we know at Harris Lord is that we have strong values and when you look at those values, at the heart of it all is that we care about people.

Nurturing internal and external relationships has been a core aspect of our culture for many years now. No matter how long you have worked with a client or candidate, the fact that we constantly work on improving relationships helps us to develop alongside them. This isn’t a tick-box exercise; it is a way of life.

A while ago, it occurred to us that whilst our people were pushing the boundaries of client and customer service, as an employer we were maybe not holding up our end of the bargain in a certain way.

All these inspirational and uplifting conversations were happening in a far from inspirational place. Our office was starting to look a little worse for wear and it was time for a change. In a world of marginal gains, if your surroundings can make you feel that little bit more positive, then maybe that positivity will transfer to others.

It was high time for an office refurb.

Now, while this is all very exciting, it actually led to much discussion and contemplation. What sort of office do we want? How do we want to feel when we look around every day? What does the décor say about us and is that how we really feel about ourselves? We needed spaces to talk, to inspire, to think, to eat together and to train.

Our bright white walls give an appearance of space, together with crisp white furniture, our graphics reflect our values and the bright colours represent the different specialisms within Harris Lord.

We've been on a huge expansion plan this year with further plans over the next few years. We are continuing to actively recruit for ourselves at the moment, so we wanted the office to reflect the very latest version of Harris Lord. Together with our revamped website, this is Harris Lord 5.1 – and we absolutely love it.

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11th December

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