Our Identity, Our Mission

“We are going to grow but we want to do so without losing our identity’.

In launching this challenge, Julie Simmons, Joint Operations Manager, highlighted the classic dilemma facing expanding companies. So to meet this ideal, the whole team at Harris Lord, led by Simon Cowley and Andy Trowbridge, researched, pondered and debated before coming up with our new Mission Statement

To build on our exceptional reputation by connecting the right people with the right opportunities

Surprisingly it wasn’t a difficult meeting to agree it. 

It works on a number of levels: ‘Building’ suggest that the work is never finished; ‘exceptional reputation’ may sound arrogant, but we have the 5-star reviews to prove it and it is something we can’t lose as we scale upwards; ‘people’ and ‘opportunities’ puts our customers at the heart of what we do. It is practical and achievable.

All the team have committed to strive to deliver the new mission. Anyone invited to join the business will also have to subscribe to it. We all consider it to be a really good start on the road our enlarged company.

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12th August

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